The post “Cultivating kind actions — ETHICS — #2 Honest relationships with oneself and everyone else.” 

Being honest with oneself seems like it would be the default state of the mind. We must be honest with ourselves if we are to perceive the reality of the world around us accurately and thus to relate properly to what it is telling us.

Once in the 1960’s when I was still doing New Year’s Resolutions, I chose … “My goal this year is not to be smarter but to avoid being stupider!” All the same, in March 2009 I got a Darwin Award from Wendy Northcutt for my many failures to save humanity, which would include myself.

Charles Scamahorn of Earthark getting a Darwin Award sticker from Wendy Northcutt

I have worn this award on a black long-sleeve T-shirt a couple of times when it seemed appropriate.

Yesterday, Debbie and I were having a discussion about our electric oven, and whether the button signage on the face of it was labeled incorrectly. The top button reads BAKE and the one immediately below it reads BROIL. We argue in a comic way about words a lot and I said the manufacturer had reverse-labeled those buttons. To prove my point I pushed the bottom button and lightly touched the top coil, expecting that it would take a few seconds to warm up if it meant what it claimed: BROIL. Unfortunately for me, it was hot, but not glowing, by the time my finger got there. Ouch! Those things heat up quickly. I ran some cold water on my finger within a few seconds and it barely got pink. I found this from How stuff works:

  • In baking, you are trying to heat food by surrounding the food with hot air.
  • In broiling, you are trying to heat food using infrared radiation.

Thus broiling is done with glowing hot elements at the top; by my standard I won the argument but burnt my finger. The button on the top should be labeled “broil.”

Sometimes even when you are right you still get burnt. So, foresee safe ways to test your assumptions before doing something stupid.