The postCultivating kind actions — VIRTUES — #2 Love expressed as kindness by exposing helpful alternatives to their problems.” Love must be expressed as some form of demonstrated kind action because if the feeling of love is locked in the heart and not expressed then that love goes to the grave when you die. To be kind you must do something helpful.

Kindness may be expressed in many ways and one of the kindest gifts is helping a person to resolve, or at least ease, their unresolvable problems. It might be a sickness or death in their family. It might be a dispute with a friend. Perhaps it was an auto accident or a lawsuit.

Every personal problem is unique for the individual and when a person is emotionally charged, their judgment is contaminated with an overemphasis on particular details. Only they know the complexities and ramifications of these details, but you might be able to help by being their stable point of reference by remaining calm and thoughtful while exploring their options.

Even when emotion overwhelms a person they can respond to other people’s states of mind as expressed in their manifest behavior. If you are a mature person you can be the one who controls the emotions being expressed in the conversation and provide stability.

It has been claimed that “Love conquers all.” But I would assert that “Love is only successful when it is expressed in kind actions.”