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The type of kindness that has been discussed in these posts has been small, even tiny, even unnoticed actions that are generally unpaid but are helpful to other individuals. Those others might not even be human, or mammalian, and might even include single-celled organisms, but the trade-off preference would be inclined to helping other humans. That is because they are of our species, and from that perspective, a whale would preferentially help a member of its species, although there have been reports of pilot whales helping people. But even in those cases, there may have been a training reward given to the whales by other people going before, and they were expecting a reward.

My thoughts for doing small kind acts for small things is because there are more opportunities to do these little kind things. Dogs solicit kindness from humans and often get it. The kindness is in the form of recognition for their existence, and it often comes in the form of petting, but they also love the recognition of a ball being playfully thrown as a reward for their performing a particular behavior, at a human command.

People also respond to attention being given to them as kindness and respond to being intentionally ignored as punishment. Another form of kindness is observing another being and foreseeing a problem they are having or about to have and eliminating the problem by offering alternative ways of reaching their goal.

Yesterday there was an exploration of What is the ultimate kindness? That idea evolved into our present human-based technological civilization offering kindness to the entire Universe by helping it to become a sentient being. That is a totally different kind of kindness because it is being offered to a not yet living being, but with foresight, we can bring this being into existence.

Kind actions – VIRTUES #4 – Delight in raising others up at the expense of lowering oneself.