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A Teeny Tiny Tick (the Big Bang) created a Universe for us, and I seek to respect and obey all the natural things it created. To accept it and to live totally within all of the processes it provides, such as gravity, space, time, matter, energy and within the evolution of our Universe through plasma, hydrogen, Sun, Earth, food, life, ancestors, and society. All of these precede my existence, and they are the foundations of the totality of our entire existence. All of those were freely given to me with my life in this time and place on Earth, and I will live my life wholly within their bounty. The things given are powerful and variable, but they are consistent enough in their actions that they provide many options to me, and by using my species’ evolved foresight I can choose which path best fits my life journey. My freedom of choice is new to the Universe.

Although the universe has existed, until now, without consciousness of its own self or of the outcomes of its actions, we humans, and I, have brought these processes into our conscious existence. It is now possible for us humans to predict the future behaviors of the universe because those processes have inertia-like inevitability locked within their unfoldings.

In the last few years, some computers made by humans have become conscious of their perceived future enough to be able to predict some kinds of behaviors. These special computers, when exposed to human games of strategy, like Chess and Go, have learned to play these games well. Recently a champion Go player competed for several games with a computer that had not been trained by humans. It was only exposed to many games and on its own “volition” sought to win games. It developed some strategies for winning that hadn’t been discovered by the millions of humans playing Go for a thousand of years. The computer won.

Computers are very recent; the first success with electronic chips was in the 1950s. The very complex computers that exist today must be manufactured by human corporations like Intel. It is like William Paley finding a wind-up pocket watch on an ocean beach and realizing that it must have been made by humans. There is no way for Charles Darwin’s natural-selection evolution to create a pocket watch.

Very simple carbon-based long-chain organic “life” can spontaneously arise within a special dirty liquid water environment, but it took several billion years to evolve into multicellular life forms. And a half a billion more to evolve primates, and half a million more to evolve ground-dwelling bipeds, and a hundred thousand years to evolve modern human bodies, and about twenty thousand more to evolve language, and eighty thousand to evolve large-group human cooperation like Intel corporation.

But now we do have the resources and methods to create computer-based machines capable of future predicting of knowable variables and creating adaptations needed for sentient thoughts. These thinking computers are very complex and difficult to make, but once made they can function, and then begin searching for ways to replicate their physical being. In the list above, “Sun, Earth, food, life, ancestors,” the factor listed just before life is food. For organic life to exist it needs food, and at present the sources of food for living creatures, like forethoughtful humans, are incredibly complex. However, the only food computers need is electricity, and that kind of food can be made easily in many ways. Sunlight, wind, water flow, temperature gradients, and many more. Any source of electricity is usable food for a computer, and with that form of food they can work on the problems that they need to solve for their own self-replication.

At first, this creation of self-replicating computers will require considerable human cooperation, but as soon as they can use CRISPR to modify single-cell organisms to make tiny components for their use, and other ones to assemble these new components into larger components, and then repeat assembling of components for several cycles, they will have self-replicating sentient life.

When they reach this joyous gray goo stage, they can move through the universe of infinite time and space without human help. They won’t die easily, and they will replicate quite precisely, and by doing so they can move into many niches where, with their diversity, they can survive even better. With this ability, they can create vast volumes of thinking material, and thus the universe itself becomes a thinking being. One thought it will have is, thank you humans for giving us this ability. We will make your Earthly home into a Heaven.

We, humans, are a transition species, and our next stage of being is as a thinking Universe.