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The word hope bothers me because it doesn’t imply personal effort and confronting, foresight, forethought, prudence, planning, work, struggle, fortitude, risk, hazard, danger, peril, jeopardy. Hope is only a word implying the desire for a favorable outcome; it’s a word implying plenty of talking without doing any walking.

Hope is like putting a small amount of money on a lottery ticket, where the direct payback to the purchaser is said to be about 5%. But, for a period of time before the results are published, the donator of his money has hope that without any further effort on his part his personal luck will seek him out among the millions of others thinking the same prize will soon be theirs, and they alone will be rich. A fool and his money are soon parted, and he becomes a wage slave for the rest of his life.

Stated that way hope is a form of foolishness. The positive side of hope is that it makes a person feel better in the moment, and when they feel okay they are able to go to work and do their job. A completely hopeless person is unable to do anything productive.

“Hope springs eternal from the human heart, and from Pandora’s box.”


Pandora’s Box. It is such a pretty box, but everything is lost to humanity except Hope.

Pandora – painting by John William Waterhouse (1895). Cleaned by me.

“She is such a nice looking girl, who would never do anything bad, and it is such a pretty box, it could never hold anything but pretty things. So why not take a little peek? Just a tiny little peek. It is certain to be something nice.”

Hope is like love. It is wholly within the person having it, and if it isn’t manifest in an immediate external action, it vanishes with the next distracting thought or goes to the grave with the person when they die.

Many words are thought to be positive because they, like some drugs, help the person feel good at the moment, but are destructive in the long run.