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I recently went to an environmental action meeting and was terribly disappointed. They admitted that their cause was well-defined decades ago, that the issues were clearly stated, that the politicians and big money were the controllers of what was happening, and that population had continued to explode. All of which meant that the problems had grown much worse and even though the public is growing increasingly concerned, the various breeds of deniers were developing effective methods of misinformation and preventing any effective action. The pleas were to get out the vote, to support the anti-single-use-plastic movement, to use less one-time-use earth resources, to recycle more, and to teach the kids to do the same.

I remember going to an ecological event in Berkeley, about 1980, with over a hundred people in the audience, when a professorial-type guy stood up and claimed that all of the stuff they were proposing had been cooking since the 1950s. Nothing had changed. And, now sixty years later, nothing has changed. Isn’t doing the same old thing without significant results the definition of insane?

There are wonderful sparks of creative people, such as Greta Thornberg, making clear and impassioned statements, putting the shame directly where it belongs, but these truths have always died out. Nothing has changed. There have been many wonderful books, with clear proofs of the problems and what needs to be done, but nothing is done that can effectively change the obvious continuing catastrophe that’s already in progress.

At this meeting, there were the usual calls to join with other groups to form a more cohesive action group, coupled with breaking up into smaller groups to form more intimate personal relationships. Nothing has changed!

I mentioned the Earth Ark Project where we could save all, or nearly all, of the plants of the Earth by storing them at the South Pole in shipping containers. It would be easy to do and something productive would actually be done that would be effective. There wasn’t a trace of interest. Nothing has changed!

These over age sixty people spoke of trying to save the planet for their grandchildren. Nothing has changed!

I said the clear event tipping point would come within their lifetimes, with an example. No response. Nothing has changed.