I don’t have a problem with alcohol, but I do like a frequent sip out of Jack Daniels. Just a thimble full maybe four times per day average. Part of my rationalization is that a single shot of alcohol has been shown to improve health and life expectancy. I wish the statistics were better on the ideal way to drink that single shot, but there isn’t any that I’ve found, and even Wikipedia isn’t giving the information I’m seeking.

What I have been doing is taking one of these sips of whiskey, and I hold it in my mouth as I put the bottle away. Then as I walk away I let the fluid drift from the front of my mouth to the back, and then from the back to the front. I do that cycle about five times before I swallow. Each of those cycles tastes wonderful, but here’s the problem with drinking whiskey that way. It is linking the pleasure too tightly with the act of getting the bottle out, opening it, sipping the whiskey, closing the cabinet, and walking away savoring the whiskey. Because I link it so closely, I am training my habit structure to link pleasure with whiskey, and that might lead to an addiction.

Therefore, I’ve been doing an experiment. I don’t begin to savor the whiskey until I have walked to a place where I can look out a window at nature. I then begin the sloshing sequence.

The idea is to link my habit onto looking at nature instead of tipping the bottle to my lips.