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Debbie wanted to sell the book FRITZ LANG by Lotte H. Eisner and asked if I wanted to look at it before she posted it for sale. I fell into the rabbit hole and a couple of hours later we were at the library checking out Fritz Lang DVDs and going to various online sites to see what we could see.

It’s been years since I’ve seen any of his movies, but I had mentioned two of Lang’s movies in the last week while in conversation with friends. M with Peter Lorre is older than I am, but it makes an impression that lasts a lifetime, and I probably saw it as a youth, along with King Kong, Bambi, Shane, Laura, and Freaks.

In another conversation, I mentioned Metropolis, also by Fritz Lang. It is a few years older than M. It too is one of those movies that everyone must see to be a complete human being.

When I glance back over these movies I see how they warped my world view.