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What outrageous thing have you done today? I went to a book club discussion of Daring Greatly by Brené Brown. We saw two TED lectures by her followed by a half-hour discussion. As usual, I was the only one of the eighteen present who had read the book. It does appear to me that the less you read of the book under discussion the more you have to say about it. So I didn’t say anything. I did enjoy the various people’s discussions of it and how they were responding to their personal realities with the suggestions presented in the book.

The book states on its cover that it is a #1 New York Times Bestseller, so who am I to mention the obvious fact that the principles the author espouses are mostly in direct contradiction to what she presents on the TED stage? She talks endlessly about flexibility, and she is an excellent example of a person driven by the very principles she challenges as being destructive to a sane person’s behavior.

Many of the principles she espouses are probably reasonable when they are applied by an already reasonable person, but when they are applied by an ordinary person they are just as likely to yield poor results. The principles listed throughout the book are probably just as valid when stated oppositely by a clever wordsmith.

She encourages us to be outrageous and choose willingly to do things we are afraid to do, to which I would ask everyone present at that discussion:

What outrageous thing have you done today? Why, or why not?