I don’t want to write about this subject! I have been far too close to these things a couple of times and I don’t want anything to do with it! Nothing! And yet, I, like you, am trapped here on this Earth which is loaded with people who believe they will benefit in some way if we do have a major conflict.

The bad guys used to be fat, wear stovepipe hats, tuxedos, and have white mustaches, and they appeared on Monopoly boards owning the good properties. They used to be called the military-industrial complex, and they were the fall guys to be blamed for promoting conflicts, so they could make more money. I don’t see anyone dressed like that anymore and it appears that the super-rich people are hiding out somewhere in disguise, possibly as old widows riding around on cruise ships pretending to be young again, or as ecologists.

It seems impossible to me that those who have a lot of money would risk their whole world to make a few percentage points more. And yet, we look around and it appears to be those with the most to lose who are the ones who are risking the most for … for what?

I live in Bend, Oregon, and it is rated as one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. Nine years ago it was a quiet little city with friendly people, but now there is traffic congestion and lots of new public and private buildings under construction which means there will be even more traffic next year. The streets are already inadequate for the traffic, and the nice people are turning sour with the stress. We presently have an abundance of construction workers, but when the construction boom bursts many of these folks will depart and the property values will plummet because their unoccupied homes will go on to the sales market. What to do?

I can’t find a Querulous Curmudgeon hat, I’ll have to make one.