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Daniel, Ed, and Lou at the Commons at Ed’s going away party. He’s moving to a new home in Arizona after a lifetime in Bend. We sat at the fireplace generalizing about the great people we have known and the strange things they said and we did. We all study the flames as our ancestors have done for thousands of years and talk, talk, talk.

Sometimes I see things a bit stranger than they. Perhaps my coffee is a bit more bitter.

Ed has the capacity to see things as they are and choose to reveal the goodness in people. It is a habit of his that I truly respect.

After a while, his wife shows up and it’s time to go.

I take a couple of farewell shots.

They give me a final smile for the camera. But, then I ask them to give a real smile and say the new smiley word, MONEY! Everyone laughs, and a half-second later I push the button.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, I could say goodbye, forever!