I departed the UU at the opening statement. It was the usual litany of the various varieties of outcast people whom we welcome into our fellowship. My problem was the huge rolling door, which I usually help close, that will eventually accidentally catch someone at the seal point and seriously injure them. Today I told the others who participate in this much-needed operation that I can no longer participate. I’ve seen some close calls on this closing and have tried every way I know to correct it. But I haven’t met with any cooperation. I had to take a walk.

I went home and read for a while, and then Debbie and I went to the Deschutes Brewery for lunch. While walking from our car we passed Townshend’s Tea Shop, and they had a new poster. Their walrus character was wearing a red beret. Except for one five-year-old girl, I have never seen any of the other hundred thousand locals wearing a red beret.

Although I’m about 99% vegan, I do have a Reuben sandwich once a year, and today was the day. You know, to help me recover from my flu.

The glasses were making weird light patterns as always.

After that, Debbie went to the library, and I had ten minutes to take a few photos.

The iconic BEND plaza which many people walk over and never see. Thus I pronounce the classic “Lo and behold!”

It was a day, sort of, and I came home and slept most of the afternoon.