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Not so much colorful flu snot today, day twelve, and my world is still beautiful in some ways. While still home Debbie made me this mocha coffee, and it tasted as good as it looks.

I suppose everyone enjoys looking into their coffee cups, and teacups, and soup bowls. They no doubt get greater enjoyment when eating and drinking their food and beverages when they look beautiful. But I haven’t had any similar feedback about looking into storm sewers. They too can be a delight. Of course, I haven’t deigned to eat from them, but the bugs down there do appear to enjoy their feasting.

Self portrait in sewer. It’s more interesting than I am.

We were invited to a party at Steve Buss’s place, which as it turns out is just across the street from one of my favorite photo opportunities. Debbie and I got there at sunset to check out that mood before joining the human festivities. You might recognize the site as a simple copy from yesterday, but to my eye, it’s a totally different visual revelation. There are varieties in the pulsating paths and waterways to the distant Cascade mountains.

I have photographed from this spot many times, partly because it is only a few steps off my beaten path from my car to my coffee and my dudes. My total ten-photo sequence impedes me from getting to them by about five minutes and about sixty steps. I will time it and count them on my phone, and report back to you, maybe.

Being sickly wasn’t quite as cheerful as I make it appear.