Debbie displays about half of her scarf collection.

I go down to the Commons and have coffee with my friends. And hear reports from Austrian opera house reconstruction progress, and from Seattle and medical school preparations, and from Arizona and the retirement communities, and from the Aleutian Islands and this month’s salmon fishing, but was disappointed with no new news from New Zealand.

Daniel chugs his coffee, and we head out for the fifty steps down to the Mirror Pond overlook.

I take my usual series of photos. This one of Mirror Pond with the dock in the foreground has a nice blend of colors and reflections.

We head back up to the Commons to finish our coffee.

Daniel pauses to help a tree. He’s a very helpful guy!

This part of my week was very pleasant, but ever since the ER room doctor wouldn’t give me a Tamiflu pill last week, my whatever-it-was has gotten noticeably worse. I never had a cold give me one of these.

I killed this beast and with one blow and it fell out of my nose.