What Charles Scamahorn has declared is what we all know to be true. It is similar to “The points of the theories of Peter Higgs and Alan Guth are many orders of magnitude different in size and yet they are as nearly identical as it is possible to be.” “What they each discovered could be found anywhere in the Universe, by any technologically sophisticated civilization, because it is so fundamental to our existence.”

Scamahorn states the same thing is true of what we call human-like verbal intelligence and that a similar higher intelligence can and probably does pervade the Universe. The idea is a positive feedback loop formed in pre-human women who had to develop enough language ability to discuss among themselves who would be the best mates.

Neanderthals and similar people existed outside of Africa when Mt. Toba erupted 80,000 years ago and nearly exterminated all humans, but a scattered few survived, and when the small numbers of people with advanced speaking ability emigrated out of Africa they brought their syntax genes to the rest of the survivors. Apparently, there were only a few critical genes, probably located on a single chromosome or two. These abilities would be so obvious that those who lacked the ability to speak would fall greatly in sexual status and those lacking the genes would be eliminated from the gene pool. There was a sudden turning on of the ability of humans to speak to one another.

Michaelangelo's Adam and Goya's Eve combined

Eve chooses Adam with a little help from her friends.

The point here is that Eve doesn’t choose her mate Adam without consulting her companions. The more sophisticated human language became, the abler subsequent women were to choose men for their ever more refined qualities. “What do women want?” is the eternal question. But the answer is simple. “Better men!”

Baby Charles LeRoy Scamahorn

My dad showing me off to my mom’s parents on Christmas 1935. Near Homedale, Idaho.

20 month old boy getting out of a tub

Charles Scamahorn age 20 months taking a bath.

Charles Scamahorn as a youth

Charles Scamahorn about age 4 with a cute hair curl.

Charles Scamahorn - Probaway

Charles Scamahorn 1959 when pilot in USAF.

Charles LeRoy Scamahorn

Charles Scamahorn, philosopher of the evolution of human morality, in front of the Tin Pan Theater.

Along with the human ability to speak, there came all of the other things that intelligent conversation can bring to consciousness. When these are seen as valuable they will be chosen to be brought into the gene pool. This same process would be supported by species on alien worlds throughout the Universe. We are not alone in our quest to become all that we are capable of becoming. And it is time for us to cycle onto the next phase of self-knowledge by helping the Universe to become all that it can become.

The complete up-to-present list of Probaway Person of the Year:

    • 2020 – Charles Scamahorn  for exposing the foundations of human qualities, of the genetic feedback of language, morality, and humanity’s responsibility to take the next step in the Universe’s evolution.
    • 2019 – Elon Musk for creating a reusable rocket system that will give much cheaper access to space which opens new frontiers.
    • 2018 – Astronomers for discovering the signatures of the heavy elements like gold in the collision of neutron stars.
    • 2017 – Albert Einstein for predicting black holes, their collisions creating gravity waves, and the laser for observing the gravity waves.
    • 2016 – Xi Jinping for taking China from a backward economy to the most powerful one on Earth.
    • 2015 – Peter Higgs and Alan Guth created theories that led to proofs this year of mass and gravity sources.
    • 2014 – Jennifer Doudna created a method for insertion of designed DNA precisely into existing DNA.
    • 2013 – Plague Inc. is a computer game that explores the problems of creating a disease that will kill every last human being on Earth.
    • 2012 – Zebrafish research-technique advances made it possible to observe drug interactions within living animals.
    • 2011 – Craig Venter laid the groundwork for creating entirely new forms of life (greater than species) out of computer-generated DNA sequences.
    • 2010 – Nadya Suleman (Octomom) and the society that created this travesty of good sense will be remembered into the distant future by many hungry people.
    • 2009 – Jimmy Wales for Wikipedia, which will be still be used after our current computer operating systems are surpassed and forgotten.
    • 2008 – Cesar Millan (the dog whisperer) because he shows people how to relate to dogs and people much better than anyone else. His videos and techniques will be remembered and used as long as there are people and dogs.