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The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence by the originator of the Gaia theory missed the most important thing. Why is our human species filled with wonderful abilities that don’t seem to have much traction in the processes of natural selection? No condemnation here. Charles Darwin was flummoxed by that enigma, as was his grandson Charles Galton Darwin in his book, The Next Million Years. The great philosophers have pondered man’s natural proclivities for good personal behavior including the sacrifice of self for his groups’ wellbeing.

How can human abilities that are clearly dangerous to individuals’ reproductive fitness be passed on to their progeny? Basic Natural Selection would eliminate the human species quickly if it were not for one obvious thing. Humans have not been selected for the last hundred thousand years by Natural Selection. And they have not been selected by the processes of Sexual Selection. At present, we do have some artificial selection taking place through direct manipulation of DNA. But the big driver of selection for the last hundred thousand years has been Eveish Selection. Males have performed their tasks for their community’s well-being, and the females choose the best one available of the males.

Michaelangelo's Adam and Goya's Eve combined

Eve chooses Adam with a little help from her friends.

The standard question is, “What do women want in men?” The answer is simple: the best blend of what’s available. That may not sound like much of an answer, but in a hundred thousand years of applying that method of mate selection, we acquired a vast variety of abilities. With the age of first mating over that long period of time averaging about fifteen years we, every person presently alive, had a father who would have been selected for by that process. It is grossly approximately 6,666 times for the Elvish Selection processes to have a consequence. Women made our species into what you see around us every day.

With the coming of the Novacene within the decade, the selection processes will change abruptly.