Many people of the world say this way is great; however,
It never appears great.

Something may remain great only if it doesn’t appear great.
To be seen as great attracts lowering, and
Leads to never-ending mediocrity.

Learn these three essential guides; then
Preserve and use them:
First, create compassion for everyone;
Second, create moderation for everyone;
Third, never be seen leading anyone.
Through creating compassion for everyone,
each may be vitally alive.
Through creating moderation for everyone,
each may have enough.
Through not seeming to lead anyone,
each may fully develop their own resources.
— However, if you renounce compassion, and appear tough,
Renounce moderation, and are seen filled with abundance,
Renounce being the follower, and are seen leading people,
You are soon put down!

If the leader is compassionate,
The people will cope with problems themselves.
When the people themselves conquer problems the nation is secure.
Nature fills with compassion those it would see flourish.