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I stubbed my toe earlier this evening, and Debbie said I should put some arnica on it. It’s in the middle drawer in the bathroom. Okay, I go look in a drawer I rarely open and find a bewildering array of tubes, many of which I have never seen. Some of them have clips I have put on them at some time in the distant past.
My problem is that I can’t read the label of some of them, and none of them have the label that I believe should be legally required of all rollup tubes with contents in them. See if you can guess what’s in these tubes.

Okay, there are big labels on their faces, but what’s the difference between BENGAY and A+D? Which one has the arnica in it? Well, that’s obvious, just turn over the tubes and read the labels.

That’s really an hour-long task. Maybe my toe will stop hurting on its own.

What I want on all of these tubes at the very top of the label is a ring or two of plain text, with: 1. The Brand Name, 2. A word or two of the primary use, and 3. A WARNING if there is a problem with this product, 4. An additional line in clear type what to do if the warning hasn’t been followed and a person has been exposed to the product.

These important facts should be required by law on the top of all rollup tube products.