On this evening’s walkabout around our neighborhood, I saw some strange things and I took photographs of them. Since it is near Christmas, it seemed natural to label these strange things with the letter X. Thus they are my X photo files. I might have known our walk would be strange because one of our neighbors had a strange problem. One of his illuminated reindeer had toppled over.

His deer companion seems a bit startled by that event.

My world seems to be in a bit of a stir, too.

Strange things above. Strange things below. Perhaps, strange things to come.

My world is definitely getting a bit messy.

It’s more swirling. I am beginning to worry that I watch too much of the Weather Channel, and I am being sucked up into a tornado.

No. No. Perhaps it’s straightening itself out.

Nope. Just more of the same.

Ah! Now I see it! And everything is perfectly clear!