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For the rest of this year 2019, I am planning to review an old Probaway idea each day and then write the post in a way that can be presented to a person or a group who are in a position to take the idea forward into a completed action.

My approach is to make a paragraph description of the old idea, and a precise concluding sentence as to why this idea is important to humanity. Then a statement to those people and organizations that would make the idea flourish and become a reality.

Then a statement on how to search for and how to actually contact the particular people. To find their contact points such as email, phone numbers, physical addresses, and then to present them with the idea in such a way that they will consider it important to them in the context of their personal ambitions and their relationship to humanity in general.

The ideas that appear most important to humanity’s continuing to thrive and that have a 500-year impact are Climate Change, Use and abuse of CRISPER, Food supply fluctuations, Nuclear war, brought on by Water rights, Mineral rights, Species extinctions, and Soil exhaustion.  How to support scientific search, Philosophical explorations, Political stability, Belief evolution, Helpful creedal solidification of groups.

What will people value most in five hundred years?