The roof snow removal device I have been posting about occasionally has finally been physically made. It has most of the features I wanted to be incorporated into a roof snow removal system. Cheap to make and buy, easy to make in large quantities, easy to package and ship, design features that don’t ruin the user’s roof, lightweight and easy to adjust to various lengths and roof heights, safe to use, dual-use from top and bottom of the roof, easy to assemble and disassemble for a small storage space.

Our physically making the complete device made the physical acts of construction more coherent, and making this single object was good for testing out the ideas and discovering the probable points of construction difficulty. An obvious problem when working with sheet metal is that it has sharp edges. That can be dealt with when building these roof snow removal tools by taking standard precautions, but we can’t expect that every user at every moment can be conscious of the sharp edges while chunks of snow are randomly falling from a roof toward them. There were many more problems we coped with and some we probably haven’t thought of yet.

These are the kinds of problems I dealt with today.