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Last night post concluded with:

Sadly, in the long run, I think that Greta’s hoped-for society will fail to come into existence. But, happily, I believe that the EarthArk Project can succeed because it can actually create the materials for the people of that distant time to replenish much of what is now being consumed.

Now is the time to make The Earth Ark Project a reality.

What Greta is bringing to us, with sharp words, is the obvious fact that the scientists reporting on climate are driven by an honest search to find how nature behaves. Whereas the politicians and others in power have risen to their positions of control by the selfish desire to gain worldly pleasures. Those are supplied by money and other forms of legitimized control over other people’s behavior. In a single word, they are greedy. She has harsh words for these people who do not see beyond their personal self-interest. Fortunately for us, their self-interest is sometimes in accord with their constituents’ self-interest, ours.

Greta is obviously right in criticizing these older people, sometimes in the videos in yesterday’s post, speaking directly to those people in the audience. She declares them to be violating their own children’s ability to survive in the world they are consuming, and leaving little but ruin for their children.

It was those ideas that were keeping me awake, and my thinking in a sloshy and repetitive way what I should be doing. In my personal case, I have been writing many posts under the general title The Earth Ark Project, but there must be obvious flaws in those plans because no one has joined with me. There have been a few public opportunities to do so, but absolutely nothing happened.

About 4AM I was thinking that what I had previously been considering to be a good title for the whole Earth survival thing was, “The Earth Ark Project“, but I now thought was a poor name. The goal isn’t to have a negative sounding title like “Project”, or the Biblical Apocalypse sounding “Ark”, like Noah’s Ark surviving God’s wrathful flood. At one point I was dreaming about the name, “Our Whole Earth Permanent Seed Bank”. It is personally inclusive “Our”. It includes the “Whole Earth” and not just commercial seeds. It is intended to be “Permanent” and provide a DNA bank for all living things. And it includes the storage term “Bank”. But, now that I see it rather than hear it, I don’t like the word Bank.

In “Our Whole Earth Permanent Seed Bank, the word Bank could be changed into … Storage, supply, reserve, reservoir, resource, preserve, refuge, storehouse, hoard, stock, store, park, reservation, sanctuary….

Our Permanent Whole Earth Refuge. It’s too wordy and needs an acronym. Perhaps, OPERA (Our Permanent Earth Refuge). Or APER, A Permanent Earth Refuge.

Perhaps tomorrow will be soon enough to work these things out. Perhaps not.