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Greta Thunberg is the 2019 TIME Person of the Year and is on the December 23 cover of TIME magazine. Greta is stepping forward for the future of humanity in a way that is more effective than any of the other current activists. She has the stage presence to say what needs to be said and to say it in an angry accusative way.

She expresses what the people of the not too distant future will feel about the behavior of our present humanity destroying their ability to live in the beautiful world that we are presently ravaging. We are burning precious natural resources for the most trivial of short-term pleasures. And, the people who supply the resources for us to do this are encouraging this reckless behavior of the public for the sole purpose of maximizing their corporate profit. 

Quotes from the above video timed: “The greatest villains of all time.” 9:18 “We are not fighting for our future, we are fighting for everyone’s future.” 9:15 “Hope is something you have to earn.” 9:35 “We have started to clean up your mess, and we will not stop until we are done. Thank You.”


1:45 “We live in a strange world, where no one dares to look beyond our current political system even though it’s clear that the answers we seek will not be found within the politics of today.” 4:35 “You can help us wake up our leaders and let them know that our house is on fire.” 4:55 “We live in a strange world, but it’s the world that my generation has been handed. … It’s the only world we’ve got.” 5:18 “We are failing, but we have not yet failed. There is still time to fix this. It’s up to us. Thank You.”

Greta speaks to the future life experience of now living young people, while TIME writes of the present for this week’s adult readers. The Probaway Person of the Year has since January 2008 been projecting into the future five hundred years and attempting to think about the past year from that distant time in history. What will they think is the most important action that took place this year?

Will Greta Thunberg’s actions be remembered in the year 2520 like Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong landing on the Moon, or Jimmy Wales creating Wikipedia? I hope in my heart that she will be remembered for motivating a political resolution, but I think in my brain that humanity will continue on its path of consumption of every resource available to it. By that distant time, humanity will be living in a “sustainable” relationship with the Earth’s resources because they will be compelled to behave that way by the reality of their situation. Their resources will be limited to the consumables that they can create through their own efforts and not by the resources created in the distant past.

Sadly, in the long run, I think that Greta’s hoped-for society will fail to come into existence. But, happily, I believe that the EarthArk Project can succeed because it can actually create the materials for the people of that distant time to replenish much of what is now being consumed.

Now is the time to make The Earth Ark Project a reality.