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My first event was attending both the first and second sermons at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. For me, it was very emotionally uplifting because it was about accepting one’s self as satisfactory just the way we are. That setting very high standards for accomplishment for ourselves can make life needlessly stressful because of the constant failure to measure up to our self-imposed goals. The recommendation was that instead of feeling bad when you fail, and fail, and fail again, just lower your standards. We all laughed.

After several chats with the people at the UU, I drove downtown to meet Debbie and we went to the Sintra Cafe for lunch. It was excellent as always. We go there about one Sunday a month. It is one of a half dozen restaurants that we attend regularly on Sunday afternoons. After going to the same places for several years they all treat us like visiting family. There are a lot of places here in Bend that are like that for me. 

After finishing lunch we meet our friend Leigh Anne at Dudley’s bookstore/coffee shop and chat for an hour about the fun stuff we are doing. She’s an artist, so that’s a major topic that interests each of us in our own way.

Debbie heads off to the library to drop off books and pick up the newly reserved ones, and we plan to meet back at the car in ten minutes. I head down to Mirror Pond to check on the photo opportunities. As I pass the Commons Coffee shop I take a quick photo but don’t go in because a conversation would probably make me late getting back to the car on time.

As it happens my friend Ray is walking past, so I chat with him for a bit about the BEND plaza we are standing on, and how the word BEND is formed in its iconic format.

I’m headed down to the fence by the right side of the pink tree to take my intended photo.

The dock is still covered with some trampled snow, which gives it a texture, and the clouds form an excellent contrast to the blue sky, which when reflected on the water brings the whole view to shimmering life. The water has been lowered about three feet while some work is being done a half-mile downstream so there is a mud bank visible the other side of the river.

This whole series of events got me back to the car just as Debbie was getting in. The timing was perfect.