Debbie and I went to Walmart today and I bought a new pillow for sleeping and a mat for our new hall rug and a few other things. My main purpose for going there was to purchase a quarter-inch drill bit, but these days they don’t sell individual things but the stuff comes in vast collections for very little money. I expected to pay a buck or two for one bit, but there were no individual bits for sale.

So I bought a complete 50-piece Drill & Driver bit set for eleven dollars in a nice looking and very functional storage case. There was a T-handle for driving the bits with a hex-hole which each of the Cr-V labeled bits fit into. I had only slight experience with various kinds of slots in screw heads. But this set included 5 – Slotted, 4- Phillips, 9- Star, 4 – Pz, 3 – Square, and 6 Hex driver points. And, there was an equivalent batch of drill bits for use on every kind of project

Of course, the pivot of the hinge broke on the first opening of the beautiful storage display case. I made a workable repair with duct tape.

I hope the quarter-inch drill bit that I went there to buy works.