Yesterday’s photosites get a pleasant upgrade today. The snow is melting and this December day’s sky has molted its grey away and formed into a clear smoothed light blue blending to dark blue. That color shift is reflected in Mirror Pond. The snow is blue too because it is illuminated by that blue sky.

After the near foot of snow and breezy temperatures near zero degrees the last few days, today’s straight sunshine and soft warm breezes are an erotic satisfaction.

The top photo was taken at the fence from the center of this 200° wide panoramic photo. Drake Park with Mirror Pond on the Deschutes River just beyond the fence with the North Sister volcano in the deep distance. The Commons Coffee Shop is on the far right and my parked Subaru Outback barely visible behind the red Xmas decorations.

Here is my old 4-wheel drive Subaru Outback, which handles the snow and ice better than my 2-wheel drive car. That’s the reason there are lots of Subarus here in Bend.

Inside the Commons, my friend Richard Cork has brought in some of his new series of simplified graphic expressions for critique. I and Suze, seen on the right, talked about these two pictures for a long time, trying to find meaning, or soul, or something. I see movement, simplified and contained. And alien snowflakes descending or rising from previously unexperienced places. They remind me of my similar explorations –

You can see years of work at Richard Cork Studios.

While I search for a deeper meaning in storm sewers.

Is this sewer a new revelation?

Hmm? Not much there today. It looks like snow, ice and some green stuff on the walls. Boring? Maybe? Yes. Yes, it is. I’ll keep searching for meaning elsewhere.

My small group conversations have been delightful. I’ve known for years that is where my life is at its best. The conversation is always in the exuberant moment in time called NOW!