Here is the original photo, underexposed to get the distant sky to be darker and a deeper blue. The photo is sharp but to show the ultimate quality of the photo I cropped into the distant houses. They are barely visible in the original but when cropped to the maximum in-camera setting they become clearly visible.

My Huawei P20 Pro cellphone camera has some in-camera photo editing tools. Below is the original photo cropped. Things are a bit soft at this magnification but look okay.


Below is a cropping of the original photo across Mirror Pond to the distant houses using Corel Paint Shop Pro.

They both look fine, but in the Corel one trees are crisper. I’m not sure that is better because it gives a harsher look to this lovely picture.

Photography as are other art forms a lot of subtleties in a work aimed at creating a meaningful response in the viewer.