I have created a lot of things that are worth pursuing, but I have a tendency to abandon them when other people will become involved. What seems like the optimal thing for me to do is to make a list of things that other people might be interested in pursuing. The next would be to search the internet for people to develop the idea.

A starter list of ideas that I thought at the time would be interesting. I did a Google street view of Telegraph Avenue, in Berkeley, California in 1999. That was before they even got rolling, and here it is twenty years later and Google is just now making the journey into the buildings and meeting with the people. I did that back then.

Another long-abandoned idea was brought up by a friend yesterday. He was talking about his plugin electric car, and how someone was developing a lift that could swap a car battery in a minute. I had a much better solution with an automatic plug in system. I looked for this on my own blog and couldn’t find it because WordPress essentially went visually blank on old posts (that turned out to be a wifi problem).

The Earth Ark for saving the plants of the world.

The Life Haven for saving a sample population of the world.

… and lots more but I don’t feel like writing about them because my internet connection isn’t working properly.