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Just before lunch, we decided to stroll for a few minutes along the Deschutes River.

It was cool and pleasant and only a hundred steps from our destination.

Debbie and I had decided to eat at the Lemon Tree Restaurant. It is one of our favorite places to go, especially after a beautiful walk in the park. It looked normal when we got there. She started with some excellent coffee and me with a beer. I like to get a beer on Sunday and usually ask for the most dangerous sounding name. Rogue Dead Guy Ale sounded just right.

I was halfway through that delight when my lasagna came, and I went a little crazy and ended by scraping the plate clean. I would have licked the plate too, but I want to come back someday soon. We noticed the glass of water was doing something strange with the sunshine and we whipped out our cameras.

The curvature of the glass and water were focusing the light into strange stripes, and peculiar reflections, and also into secondary light patterns. Apparently, I was in a freaky mood because those patterns triggered something strange in my mind and behavior and I made these pictures.

The closer I got, the stranger the images became. I’m not crazy. I swear I’m not crazy. But my friends say I protest too much, so maybe I am crazy. Anyway, crazy or not, I was interested in these little puddles of flickering light.

Outwardly I looked as calm and square as this table, but as you can see from my blog, that is a carefully cultivated illusion.

As we departed the Lemon Tree returned to normal, but I’m not sure I did.