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Am I capable of doing a kind act right now?

Is anything preventing me from doing something kind?

What can I do right now to move past everything that is preventing me from doing a kind act right now?

At this moment I paused to think of something kind that I might do right now and immediately did it! I did a kind act! It was some little things, but I physically did them with the motivation of helping another person accomplish something they wanted to be done.

A basic kind act is helping another person to accomplish something positive. It is especially kind if this second person’s act is also helpful for other people. The ideal kind act would be to do something so memorable and so easy to do that there would be a ripple effect that would last as long as people have the ability to communicate with one another. The Good Samaritan helping an injured stranger is a memorable story that has had a ripple effect. Over the years there must have been people who saw an injured person and thought of the story, perhaps reflexively, and then helped a person in need.

A kind act is always in the moment but the effects may be felt at some time in the future. Perhaps those future people being helped will include you.