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I am not dead yet, but now having had prostate radiation treatments and the following year-long hormone treatment I am totally beyond my reproductive years. Those events would not be enough for Wendy Northcutt to award me with a Darwin Award.

I did receive one in 2008. I convinced Wendy Northcutt that my failure to save the world from our coming Armageddon event would surely lead to my demise. My refusal as an Air Force pilot to fly Hydrogen bombs hasn’t improved our survival chances one bit. When used as designed, those bombs will kill vast numbers of people and thus trigger a MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) response. Therefore, although I am not dead yet I might as well be, as we will all be gone.

Perhaps that wasn’t enough to convince Wendy, but my total failure to get the Earth Ark going apparently was enough because here is a photo of Wendy Northcutt giving me a Darwin Award.

Charles Scamahorn of Earthark getting a Darwin Award sticker from Wendy Northcutt

This was a brief encounter, but I still haven’t gotten the Earth Ark going so we’re all goners.