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Probaway November 28, 2016 “The Probaway method for searching for the Person of the Year is to look back from a postulated five-hundred years in the future and pick the event that will still be remembered at that distant time. A good example of how that strategy is used is to compare President John F. Kennedy proposing to send a man to the Moon in the early 60s, which will be forgotten after 500 years, with Neil Armstrong’s actually putting his foot on the Moon, which will be remembered, if of course there are sentient beings to do the remembering. The only other contender for that permanent fame would be Buzz Aldrin because he spoke the very first words spoken on the Moon. He said, ‘Contact light,’ when the lander’s sensors detected the landing gear touched down. Of course the prepared words, ‘One small step for a man, one giant step for mankind,’ will be remembered, even though they were said hours later when Armstrong stepped off the spacecraft ladder onto the surface of the Moon.”

Probaway September 10, 2012 “We humans have considerable liberty of action and of imagination. We can dream and construct mental imaginings that are impossible in physical reality. These are wonderful and stimulating of ideas, but ultimately we live in a world constrained by what is possible. We must live our lives within natural laws and within what is available to us. It is possible to explore distant places in fantasy, as science fiction routinely does, but we personally will never go to distant galaxies, or cross the Planck limits. Few of us will even go to so close a place as our Moon, although I have had brief conversations with one who has – Buzz Aldrin. That journey was tightly constrained within the limits of physical macro-reality; it was an extreme example of fantasy for most of humanity.”

Probaway June 25, 2011 “Contentment is in one’s personal relationship with the reality around him and with the universe in general. It is easy to say those words, but the words are like telling someone to go walk on the Moon. They are easy words to say, but impossible to obey. I spoke to Buzz Aldrin once, who did walk on the  Moon, and he could say from personal experience that it wasn’t too difficult once you had done all the prerequisite steps. Contentment is as easy as walking on the Moon, once you have taken all the prerequisite steps.”

Probaway.comBuzz Aldrin – astronaut of Apollo 11. I met him during the dedication of the Aircraft carrier Hornet, to which he returned after landing on the Moon. We were walking up the stairs just inside of the ship where I asked him if just when he landed on the Moon he spoke the words, ‘Contact Light.’ He said ‘Ya’ and I said well then you were the first person to speak on the Moon. He said ‘Ya.’ An hour earlier I had taken a photograph of the Hornet and needed some people to give it scale. When I got home and was looking at that photo it became apparent that Buzz, then unknown to me, was that composition filler person. How perfect.”

This post was totally compiled from former Probaways.