The Sexual Freedom League was founded in Berkeley, California, by my friend at that time, Jefferson Poland. In Berkeley, in the 1960s I was friends with and participant with many people who became famous for what we did. The Sexual Freedom League came into being when Jeff, Ina, Shirley and I drove in my VW over to the beach just beneath the famous Cliff House and went for a naked swim in the Pacific Ocean.

Jeff had arranged for this to be videoed with a 16 mm camera for some publicity stunt, so somewhere in the universe, there may be a movie of us all running into and quickly out of the very cold Pacific ocean with the Cliff House as a well known background prop. We weren’t there very long because it was cold, so we headed back to Berkeley. About the time we went through Treasure Island tunnel, in the middle of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, Jeff started smoking a joint. I insisted that he put it out because a VW with Jeff, Ina, and Shirley smoking in it would attract enough police attention, and being caught with marijuana in my van would have created serious repercussions for me. This picture is of my VW van at another totally separate event.

Berkeley riots.

The National Guard holds off a protester, while Tiger watches from the open window on my VW van.

Jeff contacted the San Francisco Chronicle and told them what we had done and said he was going for another naked swim. He wanted me to drive him over again, but as he was intentionally challenging the law and inviting the press to watch, I didn’t. Apparently, he wanted to be arrested for a trivial offense so he could gain some notoriety and public leverage.

I have always obeyed the laws, and here in Bend people must consider me a rolling speed bump because I obey the traffic laws that most people here flaunt.

Going for a naked swim that day for about one minute with Jeff, Ina and Shirley is about as illegal an act as I’ve done in my eighty-four years.