I usually sleep for about seven hours, but last night after getting up to pee, as usual, I didn’t go back to sleep. I had no particular worries other than not going back to sleep. I did have a meeting scheduled early, so as I wasn’t sleeping, I chose to get up a bit early and did a few more fussy morning things than usual.

The meeting was about the coming Christmas parade preparations and only an hour long. I did suggest a few things that were accepted as potentially useful. Then I hurried off to my Thursday morning yackety yack with my geriatric dudes. That’s always a treat. How a few ordinary looking old folks can have such fun would be inexplicable to young adults because they wouldn’t have a clue as to what we were talking about. I suppose their conversations would be equally obscure to us.

I got my Subaru back after three days in the sick car garage. It wasn’t anything spectacular, just basic checkups and replacement of consumables, and some old rubber hoses and belts. The service did include a shuttle service to and from my home in a new Subaru. It was a pleasant ride, but for me, the new car status kick would be minuscule. A car is mainly for reliable transportation, and a 2003 Subaru Outback with nearly new tires and now an official reliability upgrade is perfect.

I’ve been reading some deepity stuff and will probably write about it soon, but those prayer things to the Universe I did last week will sustain my brain for a while.