I only took one bath today where I raised my temperature to 100.0°F. And that single bath was at 8PM. I wasn’t feeling any particular symptoms so this was only making sure that a relapse didn’t jump back and cause some real symptoms. Twenty years ago, and until a few years ago I was raising my temperature to 102.0°F but at age 84 that seems a bit risky. At the end of the bath the 100.0°F temperature is held steady in the mouth thermometer to within a tenth of a degree for ten minutes and then I get out and resume my normal rather mild, rather indolent life.

Today being Sunday I went to the Unitarian Universalist church here in Bend, Oregon. This week our Reverend Scott didn’t present and instead our now numerous members interested in being on stage did the service two times because our congregation has grown since building this new edifice and we need two services. After that, there was a presentation in our art display room of personal sentimental memories.

There were about forty people here during the opening. My only photo was one at the center opposite end showing our previous church stained glass window. We had many years sitting under those windows before we constructed this new edifice. I spoke of me and Ahonu giving a last rights service under that window, a couple of hours before it became a bicycle shop.

After that art show I met Debbie and LeAnn at Dudley’s book store for coffee, then Debbie and I went to the Drake cafe for lunch and my once a week beer.
Then we walked the short way over to Drake park and I took some photos, among them were these girls burying themselves in autumn leaves.
It was a day.