People talk about being nice to one another and consider it an upgrade to go from being nice to being kind. It is similar to having loving feelings in one’s heart, as if a loving feeling is an end in itself, and then progressing on to having loving feelings directed to a particular person or thing. It is still an internal feeling and as I’ve posted before, those unexpressed feelings will go to the grave with the death of that person holding them. They may have only held that feeling for a few moments and then moved on to other things. If they haven’t expressed those feelings with an intentional physical manifestation of that feeling directed toward that other person’s needs, then it was a fruitless feeling. Those fleeting emotions are as meaningless to the potential receiver of kindness as a summer cloud passing overhead.

Kind actions that are intended to help another specific person achieve a specific goal are easiest to conceptualize, but actions intended to help the general public can be just as kind, and might have greater consequences. For you to choose to seek to develop an automatic kindness response is one of the finest things that you can do. Finding tiny things to exercise your kindness potential is the place to start because there are vast numbers of tiny things that can be found and done.

Of course the flip side to the kindness response is to learn not to do an unkindness, no matter how small that unkindness may be. Here is an easy one to get started with.

“I am not too proud to pick up litter, but I am too proud to toss it down.”

The goal is to learn to react reflexively to a discovered opportunity for a kindness.