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I seek for myself in sewers. Below is pictured one I look in almost every day, and the neighbors I talk to are worried about my behavior, and Debbie’s too. When I am on my hands and knees looking into a sewer at the other end of this grove of trees she is walking in circles nearby trying to get up the step count on her Garmin Vivofit tracker. People who look out their windows who don’t know what we are up to must think us very strange. Even if they do know us and what we are doing, it still must seem strange!

I don’t see me. I was there last week.

My reflection as seen in storm sewer water.

Or was it the week before? I don’t know. It’s a messy problem.

Looking in a storm sewer for my reflection.

Life is strange for me since I left Berkeley. It was so much saner than Bend!