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It was a day where I got up an hour early because I wanted to take a hot bath before going to visit my Monday morning geriatric conversation. Today’s hot bath was my third day of twice a day raising my body temperature to 100° F to suppress the very mild cold symptoms I was having.

Then because of my time constraints, I came home, ate a small lunch and took a second bath. Then off to a lecture on the history of electronic displays, followed by my Monday afternoon organized conversation about the evils of internet fraud. But, because I came home from that event not feeling tip-top, I took a short snooze, ate an excellent dinner prepared by Debbie, and then we went to a lecture about climate change at the Tower Theater. (Oops, that makes four events.)

The theater was packed with people, and as it turned out there were two women directly behind me who were sneezing, and I heard one of them mention that she thought she might be catching a cold. Thus, when I got home I took a third hot bath to suppress any chance that I was contaminated by her sneezing on the back of my neck. I could tell by the sound that she wasn’t elbowing her sneeze.

It was thus a day of attempting to suppress getting a cold. Yes, I did get my flu shot a month ago, but I am now feeling a bit compromised.