When I discovered this photograph in TIME magazine earlier this evening and from the feature-article discovered that it illustrated that the Presidential candidate Kamala Harris grew up in Berkeley, California, I got trapped into searching it out. I thought I recognized the square white building in the background and spent the evening going to Google Earth Street View to see if I could make certain of that assumption.

There are lots of trees grown up since 1970 when that picture was taken, but the white building is still visible. Then to convince myself that it was accurate I located the building to our right, and it looks similar.


On further search outside of TIME it was discovered that she grew up in the second story of the house below.

It was not on Telegraph Avenue, as pictured at the top, but on Bancroft Avenue, which was just one block from my home. There is where she lived on Bancroft and below is where I lived on Allston way for seventeen years which overlapped her years of being a student bussed over to Thousand Oaks grade school a couple of miles away. She talks about that bussing in her speeches.

I remember feeling a kinship with Kamala when I heard her speaking in the Presidential debates, and it has some neighborhood roots.