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My life here in Bend, Oregon, is easy and pleasant. I have scheduled meetings every day with friends with different interests. Some are professional visual artists, some are published writers, some are world-class athletes, some are professional stuntmen, some are widely published historians, one is a salmon fisherman working out of Kodiak half of the year, and some are just coffeeshop raconteurs, like me.

I use the present tense saying these people are what their occupation was because someone who spends decades doing something can reasonably be called by their occupation even though they are now retired geriatrics, like me. I can’t really claim any occupation, because I never did anything for decades other than hanging out in coffee shops like the Caffè Mediterraneum on Telegraph Avenue, in Berkeley, California. Now I hang out in the Commons, and Dudleys, in Bend so I’m still an idle raconteur.

These photos are straight out of the camera, except for reducing them in size and compressing them to fit WordPress format more easily. You can click on them and get a bigger view if desired.

There is a feature-length movie coming soon starring yours truly and two other geriatrics.