Much of the time many of us have trouble getting started on projects we think we want to do. My observations have been that the people who have real trouble getting started on a project need external motivation. Usually, it’s another person in some way putting social pressure on them to get started and then to get finished with the task by a defined time.

Work and school have those types of defined tasks, and there are specified tasks and times that the tasks must be completed, and some standard of quality and quantity that must be attained. The usual background threat is losing the job, getting low grades, or losing status with the friend.

How do you get started, to get things done, when there is no external reason or person to motivate you? If you have decided to write a blog post every day, the person nudging you is yourself. Unless you became famous, which is unlikely, there isn’t anyone in the blogosphere who cares what you do. The instant you aren’t satisfying some specific interest of a viewer they go elsewhere to find something more interesting.

Wikipedia is better for finding most information than a search on a specific topic. Wikipedia is juried by whoever chooses to do so and corrected by others who choose to do so and thus becomes increasingly more accurate, meaningful, and well written. Why would anyone go to a blog post that is generally a one-person affair that has been written a single time, proofread a couple of times … and there it is.

A blogger is competing for attention with professional writers with staffs and copy editors and many other helps to get their words, facts, spelling, grammar, thoughts, and many other things perfected. And, they are usually writing about something of newsworthy interest.

How do you get personal thoughts written well by yourself if you are doing all of those specialized professional tasks by yourself? When you read most nonfiction books to the acknowledgments pages at the end, you usually discover that there are many people thanked for their inputs. One author suddenly becomes dozens of paid specialists making the thing readable.

Having said that, it amazes me that anyone reads what is essentially little more than my diary. They certainly don’t read it for emotional drama, because my life would be boring and incomprehensible to nearly everyone. Nor do they read it for recently scientifically discovered phenomena because I don’t do research. I do make observations, I do think about the things I notice and attempt to understand them, and I do attempt to create solutions to the problems that come my way. I do try to do a good job with each of those things, but everything I do is little more than a personal inquiry; it isn’t science, and it isn’t news.

I encounter problems every day. Things bother me for a while and then I try to create a workable solution. I try to expose my discoveries to the world in writing and pictures. That requires some rewrites, and more rewrites, but when the idea is clear enough that I can understand what I’m saying, I move on.

Do it well! Becomes … Get it done! Which if there’s time becomes … Do it well! I rewrote the Hope essay 29 times, and it still needs work.