Things that are quiet are easy for you to handle;
Things not yet apparent are easy for you to forestall;
Things that are weak are easy for you to break; and
Things that are scanty are easy for you to scatter.
Therefore nullify potential problems before they exist, and
Revert little problems before disorder appears.

A great tree begins with a tiny sprout;
A high tower begins with accumulating single stones; and
A journey of a thousand days begins with a single step.

When you perform an act,
You are responsible for the ensuing damage;
When you hold a thing,
You are responsible for its loss.
If you do things by attracting their being done,
You cannot be faulted for any damage or loss.

If people get too close to their goals they vanish. So
Create goals at the end as at the beginning, and
Your ends will be completed.
Seek attractive goals, and
Never make things too difficult to get.

Learn the art of attractive doing;
Restore to the people what they have lost;
Restore natural things to their way; and
Never act directly.