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Up early enough to do some simple morning chores, like take my weight, 166.6 pounds and blood pressure 120/60, and do some stretching exercises. Everything is as perfect as can be expected considering my eighty-fourth birthday is imminent. The feature-length movie When I Was 80, starring me and two of my older friends, is in the can, as the moviemakers call a totally finished movie. It will be screened publicly soon. For me and my two friends, Pat and Randal, it was just us talking, more or less naturally, about the things we talk about, more or less naturally. I’ve only seen the first ten minutes, but those were hilarious.

One strange sequence later in the movie is some shots of me watching the eclipse from the top of our local volcano. Okay, Pilot Butte, here in Bend, doesn’t look like much of a volcano, but it is registered as one of three that are within city limits in the US. Mauna Loa, in Honolulu, Hawaii, is the most famous one of course, but the eclipse didn’t go there. Did it?

My house is visible in the link above in the little meadow down the flanks of our volcano, which is quite extinct, not having done anything for over a hundred thousand years. I feel safer here than back in Berkeley, where the Hayward fault is expected to rupture any minute, with a big one.

After my get-up sequence, I went to the UU church where I always have a very moving experience. Today it was about the Pale Blue Dot. The Earth that all of the humans who have ever lived call home. It’s a place we must take care of for it to take care of us. That’s a theme spoken by all the primitive people I’ve read about, and it’s one that in our modern hubris we have ignored until very recently. Like, yesterday’s march for the Youth Climate Change Movement, the Climate Strike.

Lunch with Debbie at The Deschutes Brewery cafe, then a long talk with Jim, a long-time Bend friend, back home and reading Spinoza.

It was a day, and this post is more like a diary entry than a deeply meaningful post, which people are scouring the internet to find.