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The Seven Sages of Greece mosaic

This is the basic picture of the 7 Sages of Greece for linking the Roman Empire.

The 147 maxims were attributed to the 7 Sages of Greece

Maxim # 118 – Finish your tasks promptly.

This maxim is about one of my worst failings. I struggle with finishing my chosen tasks promptly and I almost always finish them on time. However, there is a trail of half-finished ideas in this Probaway blog. Yes, over 4,000 posts have been done on time, and the only no-shows were when there was an outside failure of some kind, like a power failure, and those were filled in promptly with backdated articles. Thus, only the promptness was violated, and not the work. But, one of the less than half-finished projects, that was intended to be intermittent, was writing a post about each of the 147 Delphic maxims. At this time there are only ten full post articles.

It seems hard to believe that with such a rich source of writing prompts I have found,  momentarily at least, other stuff to write about. My problem stems from finding far too many things to get distracted by, and then I tend to spend inordinate quantities of time and energy pursuing them.

Here we go! At the moment it is the Olmecs of Central America. They were the founders of the first civilization in the Western Hemisphere, beginning about 1800 BC, and they were totally independent of the other civilizations that were created in the Old World. What interests me is how strange the artwork they created appears to me. It is clearly created by artistically sophisticated human beings, but look behind the surface of their creations, and the minds and society that created these things seem otherworldly.

There has been great interest in the Olmecs once they were recognized as an independent founding civilization in the last few decades. There were only a few items discovered before about 1940, and they were not recognized as coming from a whole unique civilization. But the Olmecs were one of the founding civilizations of the modern world. Finish your tasks promptly, or you might end up in a constant dither like me.

I am still enjoying wading through the complexities of the human mind, so these Olmecs are a treat. Oh yes, they brought us chocolate.