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Old Stone Church, Bend, Oregon.

The north stained glass window in the Old Stone Church, Bend, Oregon.

We Unitarian Universalists of Bend, Oregon, lived under this stained glass in the Old Stone Church in Downtown Bend for many years (on Sundays). Under that window, we had many remarkable events beyond the inspiring Sunday services, such as wonderful parties and sumptuous potlucks. But we rented the space. While there, we purchased land for a new home and built our new church. And we own it unencumbered.  So now we have a beautiful and permanent place for our ultimate questions to be pondered.

In the evening before the ownership of this building and this window was to be transferred at midnight, I and Ahonu of the Spiritual Awareness Community conducted a religious service beneath this window. We read and discussed Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. That seemed an appropriate ending to the century of Christian service of these windows, stones, and mortar.