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On page 76.7 of the book The Next Million Years, by Charles Galton Darwin,  published 1952, there is a discussion of improving the DNA of the human race, in which he asserts: “The policy of paying most attention to the inferior types is the most inefficient way possible of achieving the perfectibility of the human race.” That supports his ideas that in the very long run of a million years there will always be a starving margin, or soon to be starving margin, of humanity. He maintains with Thomas Malthus that the population of all living species is driven by the function of the sexual drive to expand to the carrying capacity of its local environment. And it is the most successful of a given species that will survive and reproduce and fill their local environmental niche.

Therefore, by that extended argument, he asserts that it is a waste of human resources to pour resources, which are in the long run always limited resources, into the failing portion of a species. He includes human species in this argument. He maintains that during the last few centuries humanity’s technology has advanced so rapidly that our starving margin has been minimally picked off by natural selection. In the very long run, he says this can’t be maintained and soon humanity will return to the natural state of having a substantial number of people living on the starving margin. When he was writing this book, about 1950, the population was 2.5 billion people; now it is 7.72 billion. The period of time that we have been living in is extraordinary in its population expansion. This rate of population expansion can not go for a billion years, and probably not even for another hundred years. When the overshoot occurs, it will be the starving margin that will be the most hard hit. I don’t like that probable fact, and I doubt if you do either, but Mother Nature isn’t a moral judge.

I have proposed a theory that copes with the problem that Galton Darwin described, which I call Eveish Selection. It postulates that our last hundred thousand years of gossiping women have discerned those qualities in men that are most beneficial to raising healthy children. They chose those qualities that have brought us to the sophisticated society we live within today. They may be the ones who can bring us through the next hundred thousand years.

Praise young women and help them to help us improve our whole society and our species.