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Unbinding hope #27

We seek unbounded hope for our future by doing another unique kind act, and by:

4.  —becoming known to everyone as dedicating our wisdom and energy to alleviating the suffering of all beings.

Alleviating the suffering of all beings is a grand goal for all mature humane beings. And being known for dedicating one’s personal wisdom to finding needs and giving of personal energy to the alleviation of suffering must be a worthy goal as well. Many of humanity’s great sages are remembered for unique kind actions thousands of years after those deeds were accomplished. Loving motivations are made real by kind actions actually performed.

It is the quality of the action that makes it kind more than the magnitude of the act and its result. The greater the number of observed needs for kindness and the more frequent a kind act can be performed to alleviate the suffering the greater will be the benefits to the receivers of the kind act, and the greater will become the habitual skill of the doer of these kinds of deeds.

Being observed doing kind acts for others creates in those observers’ minds a pattern for them to follow and thus to become habitually kind themselves. Those actions reciprocate back upon these people, and that generates hope for a better future for all humanity and beyond.

The source of all kindness is a core of loving habits, and these habits are created by intentionally doing kind acts.