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Today was our twice-monthly meeting at Dudley’s bookstore of a group of five writers, and each of us read aloud a previously written piece. With one, it’s a chapter from a book being created, but in my case, it’s usually one of my previous week’s blog posts.

After those readings, we often generate and agree upon a single word to prompt us to write for ten minutes. And then we read our creations aloud to the group. It’s easy fun and surprising the variety of things that pop out of our minds and onto paper. They are often intimate and sometimes too intimate. Today’s prompt was … Found!


I looked down! A small thing had just fallen thru the storm drain grating into the blackness below. What was it? Where did it go?

Standing there, everything below the grating was invisible. So…

I got down on my knees and peeked thru the inch-wide openings. Whatever it was had vanished below the still water in the bottom. But there was a reflection! A reflection of me in that turbid but still water. I knew it was me because I could clearly see my red beret. — It was Me! Looking at me!

Who was this weird person down on his knees looking into a sewer?

It was me?! Me! Yes, Me?

Am I really that … weird?

Well, it is me looking at me.

So, the great deduction.

I am weird!

The above was exactly transcribed from my notebook, with the excessive exclamation marks, ellipses, and em dashes. I read it with theatrical enthusiasm and got an ovation, but alas, no standing ovation.

From the more erudite among you scholars, there will no doubt be a quiet sigh and a low boo.

Standing on storm sewer grating seeing a reflection.



Sitting on storm sewer looking at a reflection of my self.

(These photos are poor quality and I haven’t a clue why. The top two were done on Corel 2020, and the bottom two in Picasa. The Corel 2020 offers much more control, but the quality was substandard. I have much better pictures from this camera and from both of these products.)