Hope #27

We seek unbounded hope for our future by doing another unique kind act, and by:

3.  —creating open-ended attractor goals, so you and I and all living beings can have meaningful lives within our personal worlds.

Attractor goals are infinitely tiny points of gravity-like attraction toward which we may move with ever-increasing precision and velocity. However, because they are infinitely tiny, they can never be hit. At the instant of realization, the goal vanishes into the past, and we fly away at great velocity toward some vast field of potential goals.

Being human and having some capacity to think about the future and future goals, it takes but some brief unseen, and probably unseeable, mental tricks to invent out of the fantasies of oblivion some new goal. Once a goal is formed, it takes on qualities that seem like physical entities with physical being and thus understandable qualities. That is a fantasy, of course, made out of vacuous thoughts brought into being by a mind out of nothing. Even the components of the thoughts are made of combinations of previously formed thoughts, every one of which is composed of nothing but a new random assortment of atoms in someone’s mind. Perhaps yours. Perhaps mine.

The point of messaging this potentially sensible nonsense is to clarify that goals are thoughts and the thoughts and goals they create are not real things like the atoms and the arrangements that they are made of. To an outside observer, these arrangements of atoms would appear as random arrangements of electrical charges.

To return to the starting point, these goals are like strange attractors which energize movements of ideas, but they can’t satisfy any goal because they are simply arrangements of atoms carrying electrical charges. The goals they represent are random fluctuations of atoms that have no possibility of being satisfied.

Goals can not be satisfied they can only be distorted or dissolved.