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This morning I wore my last week’s invention of eyeglass frames to the Commons coffee shop here in Bend, Oregon. A couple of my retired professional artist friends were going to be there and I thought they would like to see them.

These frames were made to replace the hingeless eyeglass frames that broke several months ago and that I had glued back together with ShoeGoo. That worked okay from the wearing and vision point of view, but they looked weird with a large glop of solidified glue grabbing onto the glass and onto an inch of the wireframe. Then a week later, in addition to that ugly solution to the right side earpiece, the nose wire broke. That fix required another glop of ShoeGoo, but all too obviously that glob, when solidified, was right in the middle of my face.

About that time I decided to get a new pair of glasses using the replacement guarantee that had cost $40 on the couple of hundred dollar pair of prescription glasses. It was the expected hassle, but after a few weeks the new ones, identical to the now doubly broken ones, appeared. I suppose most people would have simply thrown the perfectly fine lenses away, but not me. I sent away for some cheap glasses online with what appeared to be the same attachment between the glass lenses, and the metal parts. Unfortunately, these new reading glasses were too good to strip apart, so instead I cleaned the ShoeGoo off the ones with the broken frames, and purchased some Soft Brass Wire 16 gauge (1.3mm) that would fit the pairs of holes on each side of each glass, and fussed around for an hour or two trying to make some adequate ear frame supports.

My solution actually works well, looks better, and functions better, than the expensive hingeless eyeglass frames you often see nowadays on celebrities and politicians.

My artist’s buddies were very impressed, with the glasses, but not with me as they already expected something fantastic.